Breakfast menu

PROATS £1.50- A great way to keep you filled up till lunch. A bowl of oats with 20g of vanilla protein. Just add 200ml of milk.


Protein 26.5g

Carbs 31.2g

Fat 5.95g

Cals 284


BREAKFAST MUFFINS £2.00- Packed with oats and mixed berries. A great way to keep you full on the move.

Protein 10.5g

Carbs 6.8g

Fat 7.32

Cals 135

BREAKFAST BOX £5.00- A High protein and low carb breakfast. 2 sausages,2 eggs, 2 turkey rashers and a pot of beans. 

Protein 56.9g

Carbs 18.7g

Fat 12.9g

Cals 418

GREEK YOGURT PARFAIT £1.50- Fancy something light? packed with high fibre and 3 layers of mixed berries.

Protein 15.9g

Carbs 22.4g

Fat 1.35g

Cals 165

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